Madam who pimped her own daughters as Prostitutes for Louisville Basketball Players, Recruits, tried to inform NCAA

louisville-shame1She also claimed that Pitino knew about it…

From Syracuse.Com

Katina Powell, the Louisville escort who accused the Cardinals former director of basketball operations of providing prostitutes to recruits, said she attempted to inform the NCAA about the behavior but was told the organization didn’t want the information, according to a new article in the Indianapolis Business Journal.

“I called the NCAA in mid-March, I spoke with a young white guy, and I was telling him that I had a story about a college that was trading sex and all that stuff for money,” Powell told Indianapolis Business Journal in a September interview. “[The man who answered the phone] said he’s not allowed to take a story from somebody on the outside — you know, ‘It’s heresay, I’m not doing that, I’m not taking the story.’ I asked if there was anyone else I could possibly tell my story to, and he said, ‘No, there’s no one else. We can’t take outside stories.’ He hung up. I hung up.”

Toys R Us latest company to displace Americans for Foreign H-1B Cheap Labor, force Americans to train their replacements

PinkSlipTrainH-1bReplacement-300x201Carly Fiorina Style!

And, yes, Americans have a RIGHT to those jobs.  If Toys R Us wants to sell TO THE AMERICAN MARKET!

From Breitbart

Toys “R” Us is the latest in a string of U.S. companies that has been caught forcing their American employees to train foreign college-grads to take the Americans’ jobs, via a process known as “knowledge transfer.”

An expose by the New York Times revealed in detail how the renowned children’s toy-chain brought in eight workers from the global outsourcing company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The Indians shadowed employees, mainly in accounting, and produced intricate manuals for TCS workers in India to take over these jobs. By late June, the jobs had been transferred overseas and 67 employees had been laid off from Toys “R” Us, many of whom had reportedly been at the company for over a decade.

One accountant, age 49, who had been with Toys “R” Us in New Jersey for over 15 years, explained how she was shadowed, for four weeks, by a young woman on a temporary visa from India.

“She shadowed me everywhere, even to the ladies’ room,” said the accountant.

Americans deserve these American jobs.  Or these companies need to be forced OUT of America.  No more H-1B Visas!

Matt Drudge Interview: The American People Are Sick

A Pope and a Dope
A Pope and a Dope

See the full interview at Inforwars.

The part that struck me:

On the American public: “How sick are the American people right now? I’ve been saying that they could put Hillary Clinton’s brain in a jar in the Oval Office and she would be elected. People are really sick… People are willing to be made over in the image of these corporations.”

The fact that Barack HUSSEIN Obama was ever a serious candidate for President, then the Nominee of a major party, and worse, Elected and RE-ELECTED President alone is proof positive that the American People do not desire, nor deserve to be governed by a Republic.  No, we want to be ruled by a “celebrity demagogue”.  Which is what Barack HUSSEIN Obama is.  Everyone knows people of greater works and accomplishments.

If Obama doesn’t prove to be an aberration, an exception that proves the rule, it’s over for America.

If Apple were insane enough to not hold money overseas it’d owe $59 BILLION in taxes… “Deprives US Government of Revenue”

lois-and-super-obamaWant to know when we became slaves?  No later than the time that “revenue” to the US Government became all important.  Which started around the time the Government was allowed to greatly exceed the Enumerated Powers granted to it by the Constitution.  Which was sometime between 1900 and 1934.

People and businesses are not “sources of revenue for the US Government”.  And we are not to manage our lives and our business in a way that “maximizes revenue to the US Government”.  I, personally don’t do outside work for cash anymore, nor do I ever seek bonuses at work because the “US Government” gets nearly as much as I do.  And it didn’t do a fucking thing to earn that money!

That, in my mind is theft.  it’s stealing.  So I manage my affairs all the time in ways to MINIMIZE the “revenue of the US Government”.  I don’t smoke.  Cigarettes are HEAVILY taxed items.   That decision alone “deprives the government” of a LOT of revenue.  Is that a crime?

Sad to say, I get the impression that someday (soon) it will be:

IRS Goon: “We were informed that you did not accept a job to set up a server for Joe Smith’s Law Office that you could have done in your spare time…  We estimate that this deprived the US Government of $500 in revenue…  therefore you now owe the IRS $1,000 after interest and penalties…

Think that is far-fetched?  It’s Obama’s America now.  Christians get thrown in jail for refusing to commit an abomination before God.  Video makers get thrown in jail for offending the followers of the FALSE prophet of islam…  All because the President likes Sodomy and the followers of that FALSE prophet.  That is not how it’s supposed to be.  But then, as I started this elaborate rant, we aren’t supposed to be “revenue sources for the US Government” either.

Now for the article that set me off…  From Ars Technica:

One tax law professor told Ars that this untapped revenue source could stand to significantly benefit the United States.

“Losing $90 billion of potential tax revenues every year is a very big deal,” Neil Buchanan, a professor at George Washington University, said by e-mail. “That money could be used to reverse recent cuts in Head Start, and/or assistance to state governments to fund education at all levels, or increase the Earned Income Tax Credit, and on and on. Politicians who respond to proposals to fund these programs by saying that ‘we can’t afford it’ are simply saying, ‘I’d rather cut Apple’s tax bill than educate our children.’”

NUTS to you and your government programs.  No one has a “right” to other people’s money.  You want Head Start, pay for it yourself.

Ahmed the “clock” boy Costume for Halloween?

Thank you, President Obama!
Thank you, President Obama!

Sure to be a favorite costume for “islamophobes”?

From the UK Telegraph

Other famous figures including Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg offered support and praise for the young science fan, and what was a grave mistake and a traumatic experience for the teenager actually turned out for the best.

Now, however, joining ‘Sexy Cecil the Lion‘ and Caitlyn Jenner in the list of tasteless Halloween costumes, is a ‘clock boy costume’, complete with handcuffs.

Rachel Weisz embraces Conservative Princibles to fight “ageism” in Hollywood

As always I will take advantage to post a picture of one of my favorite beautiful women!
As always I will take advantage to post a picture of one of my favorite beautiful women!

I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want her in a movie.  First off she’s a good actress.  Secondly at age 45 she is still sexy as hell.  Think a trollop like Miley Cyrus will look this good at 35 much less 45?  I doubt it.

From Breitbart:  Academy Award-winning actress Rachel Weisz is tackling Hollywood ageism with a bit of unconventional, old school feminine attitude: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

In an industry where older actresses are treated as expendable in comparison to their male counterparts, Weisz, now 45, is taking no chances with her career, and has been buying the rights to novels to develop screenplays for roles she wants to play.

“So far it’s just been books where I can see parts for me to act in,” said Weisz, who admittedly wants to keep acting. “It’s been interesting. I’ve done enough films that I have a sense of what I want to do. I’ve read enough scripts. I can’t write, but I can develop.

Known for her roles in Constantine, The Mummy, and The Constant Gardener, in which she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2006, there is no doubt much of Weisz’s career success can be attributed to her strong work ethic and ability to seize every opportunity possible, even when they may not exist.

Call it a more conservative approach to success.

First call from a RINO (at best) Publication for ¡Jeb! to drop out

The answer, of course is to run more ads in Spanish.
The answer, of course is to run more ads in Spanish.

¡Jeb! never should have gotten in to begin with.  Only an ego the size of Obama could have led him to think that he ever had a chance at the nomination.  His frequent poking of Conservatives, open borders and common core support, and his campaigning in Spanish is the strategy ONLY AN INSANE MAN would try to win the Republican nomination!

From The Daily Beast:

And that’s the story you can tell if you get out soon, Jeb. Your exit could be portrayed as a strategic retreat in a larger war for the GOP. You were the adult, you put ambition aside and saved your country and your party from Donald Trump. For the rest of your life, people will come up to you and tell you that you were the best president this country never had. You’ll be the premier elder statesman of the GOP, the man who retired gracefully instead of going through the expense of losing ugly.

Plus, you will have saved this country from the disheartening spectacle of another Bush vs. Clinton race. Nobody in America wants to see that weirdo dynastic power struggle play out. We’ll all appreciate you for not putting us through that.


Roseburg resident: Obama not welcome here to stand on the corpses of our dead Obama: I am The Great Barack Obama, god of the United States and I do what I want

Obama takes selfie at the scene of his crime
Obama takes selfie at the scene of his crime

That is what Community Agitators with delusions of godhood do. And Obama said this time openly that when a sick leftist guns down people in a “Gun Free Zone” by Obama he’s GOING to get political and stand on their corpses!

Because if he can grab the guns this time there is so much “good” he can do to a population that will be unable to resist DC in any way!

From Mediaite

David Jaques, publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, told Bill O’Reilly tonight President Obama should not come to the Oregon town after he politicized the tragic shooting last week.

When President Obama spoke about the shooting, he bemoaned the frequency of shootings and made the case that because allowing this to continue is a “political choice,” the issue should be politicized. Well, the president is reportedly traveling to Roseburg, but Jaques made it clear to O’Reilly plenty of residents would not be on board with that.

He said Obama’s “not welcome” in Roseburg because people think he will “grandstand for political purposes.”

Kasich, running to be ¡Jeb!’s Veep, wants stricter “green” energy mandates

"Green" energy is taxpayer green being passed on to Political Cronies
“Green” energy is taxpayer green being passed on to Political Cronies

“Green” energy means no energy.  Any type of energy that doesn’t run on some sort of fuel isn’t.  IE: Solar Panels don’t work in the dark.  Windmills don’t work without wind.  Anyone who pushes “green” energy is a scam artist looking to reward cronies (like Solyndra) and scam the taxpayer.

From Fox News

Ohio lawmakers looking to extend a freeze on state “green energy” mandates will have to find a way past Gov. John Kasich. 

Kasich immediately shot down as “unacceptable” a legislative study committee’s Wednesday recommendation the state extend its current two-year mandate freeze indefinitely. 

When Kasich signed Senate Bill 310 last year, he agreed to pause the phase-in of energy efficiency and alternative electricity generation mandates adopted in 2008 — and to create the Energy Mandates Study Committee, whose guidance he seems set on ignoring. 

The governor’s public opposition to an extended freeze isn’t the only sign he’ll fight for increased mandates. Kasich reportedly threatened to veto a version of SB 310 that would have locked the mandates at 2014 levels

This man is no conservative.  He’s too far left really even for a RINO.

He is merely the latest in a long line of Ohio “statesmen” like John Boehner, George Voinovich and Bob Portman.  And he’s running to be ¡Jeb!’s Veep, a position that is looking more and more like it won’t be needed…

McConnell Senate Strategy based on saving RINO allies like Ayotte, Portman

Sith Corruption appears first in the face...
Sith Corruption appears first in the face…

This isn’t leadership.  And it’s why McConnell has got to go.  From The Hill:  

Two of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s closest allies, Sens. Rob Portman (Ohio) and Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), are in serious danger of losing their seats, putting pressure on McConnell to get a deal in year-end budget talks.

GOP strategists say McConnell’s strategy for protecting vulnerable incumbents is to show that the Republican Congress knows how to govern, especially in battleground states such as Ohio and New Hampshire, where swing voters will decide the outcome.

Getting a budget deal that would keep the government open for the next year is key for McConnell and his caucus, which is defending 24 seats next year, including several in states President Obama won in 2012.

McConnell also wants to win new defense spending to give something extra for Ayotte to brag about back home, where she learned on Monday she would face a serious Democratic challenger in Gov.
Maggie Hassan.

Remember back in 2010 when Kelly Ayotte was labeled “TEA Party”?  Good times, good times.  She, of course turned out to be the newest, bestest buddy of John McCain and Miss Lindsey Graham, a RINO leftist who thinks people who want to limit government to what the Constitution allows to be “hobbitses” with a rapidly deteriorating face.  I hope she loses re-election and same for Bob Portman who is just as bad.

Power Mad Gun grabber plans to violate the law

Could have been Obama's son.
Could have been Obama’s son.

Executive Gun Grab incoming.  Unable to get what he wants legislatively, Obama will use the power of PenNPhone to get what he wants anyway (Breitbart).

As I have said, attempting to confiscate the firearms of law abiding citizens is the clearest casus belli for using deadly force against said Government Goon I can think of.  This is no better than arresting someone for making an anti-islam video the President doesn’t like  or throwing a Christian in jail for practicing her religion…

(just to name two things that ALSO happened during the Obama Regime without an act of Congress).

At any rate, Obama wants to test how far he can push without inciting a Revolution to overthrow this Tyranny of his.  Is he that sure of himself?  Is he sure that Goons will sacrifice themselves by the thousands (there are about 70 million gun owners and over 300 million guns) so selflessly in “his name”?

Louisville hired Prostitutes for Basketball players, recruits

And he's a damn LOUISVILLE FAN TOO. Anyone who isn't a Wildcat isn't a proper Kentuckian.
And he’s a damn LOUISVILLE FAN TOO. Anyone who isn’t a Wildcat isn’t a proper Kentuckian.

Spent $10,000..  Not denying it.  so far.  Wow.

This is the school that has a basketball coach that had an affair on his wife in an Italian restaurant.  They gave him a raise.  This is the school that hired then RE-HIRED Bobby Petrino after all the stuff he’s done.

This is the school Mitch McConnell (D-Louisville) went to.  Typical.

Indianapolis Business Journal

A former head of men’s basketball operations at the University of Louisville paid an escort service for four years to provide sex to teenage recruits to help woo the players to join the Cardinals team, according to a book set to be released as soon as Saturday by Indianapolis-based IBJ Book Publishing LLC.

The details of the book, which is based on hundreds of journal entries and thousands of text messages kept by the head of the escort service, have triggered the University of Louisville to launch an internal investigation into its storied men’s basketball program. During the years described in the book, the Cardinals went to the Final Four in 2012 and won the national championship in 2013.

The Indianapolis-based NCAA has been told of the internal investigation, according to University of Louisville officials

Update 1: WKYT Update:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) – The tell-all book claiming that a former rsz_1cardinal_coverUniversity of Louisville staffer hired escorts for players and recruits is topping charts.

“Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen” is now the #1 selling book under basketball on Amazon. The hardcover version of the book is scheduled to be released on October 12th.

The book claims a Louisville basketball staffer paid an escort service to have sex with players and recruits from 2010-2014. The book identifies the staffer as former Louisville basketball player Andre McGee, who played for the Cardinals from 2005-2009.

The book titled “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen” is being published by IBJ Book Publishing of Indianapolis. The book is based on hundreds of journal entries and thousands of text messages kept by Louisville stripper and escort Katina Powell, the head of the escort service.

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