Louisville Prostitution Scandal leads to self-imposed ban from postseason


And if you think that will end the penalties that will be coming from the NCAA, you’re as delusional as Quick Rick.

Louisville has imposed a one-year postseason ban for its men’s basketball team amid the NCAA’s ongoing investigation into an alleged recruiting scandal at the school.

The school announced the sanctions at a news conference Friday afternoon. University president James R. Ramsey acknowledged that it was “reasonable to conclude violations have occurred in the past.”

“I recognize that this is a significant penalty for our program,” said Ramsey, who was accompanied at the news conference by longtime coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich.

Pitino said he informed the players of the decision about an hour before the news conference. The postseason ban hit hardest for the team’s two leading scorers, graduate transfers Damion Lee and Trey Lewis, both of whom came to Louisville so they could play in the NCAA tournament for the first time in their careers as seniors.

West Virginia likely to become latest Right To Work State!

west-virginiaRight to work legislation, which makes it OPTIONAL to join or remain part of a union, as well as make it illegal to be forced to pay compulsory dues in order to accept or keep your job has passed the WV Legislature.

It will be vetoed by the Democrat governor, but it only takes a majority vote to override this veto.

From Metro News

The House approved the bill (SB 1) called the West Virginia Workplace Freedom Act on a 54-46 vote following nearly five hours of debate.

The bill reads “a person may not be required as a condition or continuation of employment to 1) become or remain a member of a labor organization, 2) pay any dues, fees, assessments or similar charges, however denominated of any kind or amount to any labor organization, 3) to pay any charity or third party in lieu of those payments any amount that is equivalent to dues, assessments or other charges required of members of a labor organization.”

Violation of the provisions could result in criminal penalty against the employer; conviction carries a fine from $500 to $5,000.

Obama at a Terror Mosque: Americans shouldn’t be allowed to criticize islam

rapefugees-440x310Unfortunately for Barry, news about islam in the US, after an already had 2015 which saw multiple terrorist attacks are only going to get worse in 2016.

Because the one thing you can count on with muslims is they aren’t going to behave, and Barry plans to bring in 100,000+ Rapefugees from “Syria” (and other places).  Unlike Germany, where people who complain about muslim Rapefugees are being threatened with prosecution, Obama can’t do that here.  At least yet.  Give him another term…

The Rapefugee muslims are coming.  What they are going to do is of course, inevitable.  The news media will try to hide and suppress it.  But the bottom line is AMERICAN WOMEN are going to be victims and the real criminal co conspirator IS BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

Obama, from the terror mosque (with some other commentary from Breitbart:

I know that in Muslim communities across our country, this is a time of concern and, frankly, a time of some fear. Like all Americans, you’re worried about the threat of terrorism. But on top of that, as Muslim Americans, you also have another concern — and that is your entire community so often is targeted or blamed for the violent acts of the very few.

Oh. Well, statistically, virtually all suicide bombings across the planet are conducted by Muslims. Hundreds of millions of Muslims hold extreme beliefs. In the United States, as Mark Krikorian wrote at National Review in December, “Muslims account for only about 1 percent of the U.S. population but account for about half of terrorist attacks since 9/11. That means Muslims in the United States are about 5,000 percent more likely to commit terrorist attacks than non-Muslims.”

But before you get on your high horse, Christians did bad things too…  CENTURIES ago.  To find examples of Christians doing bad things (and no, the Crusades were not bad) you have to go back centuries or over 1,000 years.  To find examples of islamic terrorism and murder in the name of the pedophile mohammed you rarely have to go back more than 6 hours.


Iowa Election Fraud Backlash, Not Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (and your criminality) is going to get you Hillary.

Hillary on a walker?
Hillary on a walker?

Comrade Royal Thighness is once again railing at her great nemesis, the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” (who’s most successful agent ever, Monica Lewinsky, entrapped Billy Jeff into an affair that led to his impeachment)

But that isn’t going to be her downfall.  Her main downfall is, of course the fact that she’s an ugly ill tempered shrew with a voice that is more annoying than being forced to watch Lena Dunham porn.

To avoid starting 0-2 she engaged in ludicrously obvious election fraud in Iowa (no one believes you won 6 coin tosses in a row, Hilly).

This will serve only to anger and energize supporters of The Comrade Senator from Vermont even more . At this point I’m leaning towards her NOT being the Democrat nominee.  Imagine a year ago the nominees being NEITHER ¡Jeb! nor Hillary?  People would have called you crazy!

After 7 years in his Presidency, Obama has finally found his Mosque

Let Me Be Clear: My muslim brothers are coming no matter what.
Let Me Be Clear: My muslim brothers are coming no matter what.

“islam has always been part of America” says Obama.  Yes it has.  Our first foreign war as a nation was fought against the terrorist Barbaray States of North Africa (then part of the decaying Ottoman Turk Empire) who were kidnapping Americans and hijacking American ships in the name of The Great Pedophile.

This is good though, as people have been wondering if Obama would ever find a Church to attend in DC.  Those of us without blinders knew it was a MOSQUE he was really looking for, and he’s finally found it, better late than never.  With all the hatred towards America taught at this mosque, Obama, having last attended Jeremiah Wright’s hate-preaching at his Church in Chicago, should feel right at home.

From Breitbart

He specifically addressed young Muslim Americans, urging them not to grow cynical.
“Let me say it as clearly as I can, as President of the United States, you fit in here. Right here. You’re right where you belong. You’re part of America too,” he said.

According to photos on Twitter of the speech, the audience in the mosque was segregated – men in one section and women in a special balcony.

Rand Paul is out, didn’t make it to the Kentucky March Caucus he forced to be set up…

mkentuckyRand Paul has announced in the wake of Iowa that he is shutting down his campaign for President.  No one is surprised given that he seldom rose above 4-5% and without the money that ¡Jeb! gets despite that it’s impossible for him to continue.

This is ironic considering that the Caucus in Kentucky was set up for him to circumvent the Kentucky Constitution which doesn’t allow anyone to appear on the ballot more than once.  Paul won’t be participating in it now.

CNN is reporting that Paul will drop out later Wednesday.

Paul finished with 4.5 percent of the vote in Monday’s Iowa caucus, giving him one delegate. He was polling in the low single digits in New Hampshire as well.

Sen. Paul faces a tough race for re-election to the Senate in Kentucky. Last month, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray filed to run against him.

You wanted Equal Rights, well THIS IS IT, Sweethart


Army and Marines generals say with combat roles open to women all of them should have to register for the draft.

Personally I’m against the draft.  I call it “Lincoln’s Slavery”.  Any war lacks sufficient support for volunteers and Militia to fight is a war we should NOT BE FIGHTING.  Had there not been a draft Vietnam would never have happened.

And, yes, if you want equality, ladies, this is part of it.  You don’t get to pick and choose how “equal” you want to be, you have to take the responsibility parts too.  Requiring 18 year old men to register for the draft (but not women) is the most discriminatory law on the books.  But the FemiNazis aren’t screaming and slut-walking over this one because like divorce and custody laws, it’s in THEIR favor.

Browns to Cut Johnny “No Longer in” Football on March 9! AMEN!!!

This will be when they have the cap room to do it the day the new NFL year begins and the salary cap increases.

“We’ve been clear about expectations for our players on the field. Johnny’s continual involvement in incidents that run counter to those expectations undermines the hard work of his teammates and the reputation of our organization,” Browns executive vice president Sashi Brown said in the statement.

“His status with our team will be addressed when permitted by league rules. We will have no further comment at this time.”

Under league rules, Manziel cannot be cut until Feb. 8, the day following the Super Bowl. However, according to ESPN, salary cap math means the Browns will wait until March 9, when the NFL calendar flips to a new year and the cap goes up. Releasing Manziel will count $4.6 million against the cap.

This comes after efforts to trade him were unsuccessful:

Iowa, as usual, throws a wrench in things

ted-cruzTrump did what he had to do, finish at least second (and very close to winning at that). Iowa’s status as “kingmaker” to losers who don’t win the GOP nomination is a complete joke and is why it should not be first every time.

That said, I wouldn’t be crushed if Cruz did manage to pull things out.  I like him.  And probably would have been a Cruz supporter had he not gone for a 500% increase in H-1B job stealing visas AND voted for Obamatrade, two NATION KILLING issues!  He didn’t reverse himself on either issue until forced to by Trump.

The surprise was ¡Marco! finishing a strong third.  Clearly what happened is the Establishment vote (in Iowa at least) decided to throw down with the Gang of 8 Amnesty lover.  ¡Jeb! no doubt shifted his (more expensive than any other candidate) ad campaign against ¡Marco! in the final week, no doubt seeing this shift away from The Royal ¡Bush!

In fact, ¡Jeb! spent so much money to such disastrous results he ended up spending nearly $3,000 per vote for his (should be) campaign ending 2.8% 6th place finish. Nevertheless he will not drop out and will continue to be a drain on the Establishment bank account, as they will HAVE to keep giving him insane amounts of money to waste.

On the Democrat side, Comrade Royal Thighness managed to “win” despite collapsing in the polls over the past weeks.  A month ago she had over 60% support in Iowa, yet managed to “beat” Comrade Senator Sanders by a mere .2% (well within the “found” box of ballots Democrat margin of vote fraud).   Such a narrow victory (no doubt DUE to vote fraud) is really a loss for her, considering that she’s expected to be DESTROYED in New Hampshire by The Comrade Senator from Vermont.

On the Dem side O’Malley has dropped out.  The Huckster did as well on the GOP side.  ¡Jeb! of course didn’t and won’t.  Which is Rubio’s biggest problem besides the fact that Trump is very likely to win New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, which are the next three primaries .  ¡Jeb! refuses to get off the stage and won’t until the Establishment stops giving him money.


Trump’s March to the White House Begins Now

Darth Husseinus
Darth Husseinus

It’s Caucus Day in Iowa (and hopefully the last time they are first).  The final polls put Trump ahead of Cruz, with the ¡Rubio! surge nowhere to be seen (in fact, he was trending down in the last days of the poll).

¡Jeb! is in an utterly irrelevant position (despite having spent a FORTUNE in Establishment money it’s never going to get back from the US Chamber of Commerce) , and Her Royal Thighness is looking more and more a sure bet for a prison cell than she is for the Presidency.

And my biggest question: Will we come out of Obama a renewed Republic?  Or will Obama remain and we become the Dictatorship he has built?  I have been saying for months that I feared that the likely outcome of a Hillary indictment would be Obama canceling (‘postponing’) the elections ‘indefinitely’ (until the dictator is disposed of).  Call me paranoid, but I just can’t see the Establishment giving up power because the electorate has had enough!

Trump will win this election.  If there is one.


Pro Open Border Amnesty SalemRedstate (owned by same company as SalemHotAir) Attack Jeff Sessions

illegals-arent-immigrants-theyre-criminals1Using the usual methods of course: Jeff Sessions, architect of the immigration and border policy of Donald Trump (which Salem also attacks constantly) as being unintelligent.

From Breitbart

Sessions, who is widely esteemed as the Senate’s populist elder statesman and champion of working class Americans, came under Wolf’s attack because of reports that the Alabama senator “appears set to endorse Donald Trump.”

In the post, derisively titled “Don’t Worry, Jeff Sessions, Trump Will Still Respect You in the Morning,” Wolf acknowledges that Sessions is the country’s definitive principled leader on the issue of illegal immigration, but he uses reports of the Trump endorsement to attack the Senator’s intelligence.

The crux of Wolf’s argument is his belief that the GOP front-runner isn’t legitimately tough on illegal immigration, despite the fact that Trump launched his presidential campaign by highlighting the problem, made it the basis for his first policy position paper (crafted under the consultation of Sessions), and rocketed to the top of the polls due in large part to his unflinching stance on this issue despite intense media criticism.

Salem Media started out as a group of Christian AM radio stations mostly in middle America and has evolved into a pseudo-Christian low rent talk radio network consisting of third and forth rate talent.  It has evolved into an acquirer and destroyer of conservative websites, such as TownHall, Hot Air, and Redstate.

Trump Continues To Show Lead in Iowa

Make America Great Again
Make America Great Again

From an NBC Poll: Trump 32, Cruz 25, Rubio 18

I think it will end up being more lopsided than that.  Lots of Trump supporters are first time Iowa Caucus goers.  And if Trump wins Iowa he may well run the table, giving the Establishment heartburn that it may well die of (one can hope).

Supporting Trump is the biggest GO FUCK YOURSELF that you can give to both the GOP and DC Establishments.

We’ve had it with your lies, DC.  And that includes YOU, our so-called friends in the GOP and ¡Fox News!  You chose your (fake) blonde bimbo over us, and we won’t forget it.

New DeLorean DMC-12’s To Be Made

6894361995_7bb17a07da_b-980x735Up to 325 a year…

From Ars Technica

The Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company—not directly related to its defunct predecessor—has been supplying parts and rebuilding or restoring DMC-12s for many years. Now it is able to build new cars as well, following changes to the laws governing low-volume auto manufacturers. The 2015 Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2015 rolled up a lot of different transportation-related bills, including one that now allows companies to build replica vehicles without having to satisfy modern safety regulations, as long as fewer than 325 are made each year.

No doubt Obama is pissed and will shut this down.

NFL, fresh of Beclowning itself over Deflategate, Investigating Manning over discredited Terrorist TV HGH Allegations

fire-roger-goodell-meme-570x333For the good of the NFL, Roger Goodell HAS TO BE FIRED.  Fresh off being laughed out of Federal Court (itself hard to achieve) after trying to suspend Tom Brady for 4 games on shoddy evidence of “Deflategate” now they are taking seriously the discredited Terror TV, Al-Jazzera report (by the way, Al-Jazeera USA is shutting down) and is investigating.

Goodell is still desperate to find a white NFL star to hand a major suspension to in the wake of the plethora of black and hispanic players suspended over violent incidents ranging from domestic violence to murder, and now Manning is it.

Given Goodell’s track record so far on these, the NFL will run a shoddy “investigation” to support a premeditated conclusion, will refuse to allow ANY cross examination of the investigator (who will be a NFL employee) or the witnesses against Manning (very American!) and will issue a grandiose suspension (perhaps a whole year?).  At this point it’s not about the facts, but about Goodell’s “Authoritai”

There is no chance that Goodell’s latest NFL blue ribbon Inquisition will fail to find Manning not guilty. Perhaps now, that the Patriots aren’t involved, but a player with an unblemished record of good character and good sportsmanship  the rest of the owners will have finally had enough and end this nightmare and threat to the future of the NFL and fire him?