Her Thighness touches girl, girl bursts into tears

Hillary WitchWell, Obama used to plant “fainters” at his political campaign events.  Is this a Hillary plant?

Or was she scared that her touch would turn her to stone like the Gorgon from legend that The Hildabeast resembles?

Or did Mizz Entitled show interest in the young lady in the same way she has shown Huma Abdenin?  Hillary has, after all, munched more carpet in her day than the whole WNBA…

Secret Court decides full NSA phone surveillance (ostensibly outlawed by USA “freedom” act) can resume

k-bigpic_0We’re all back on Obama’s “share everything” plan.

So the filibuster, the votes didn’t matter, the NSA continues as before.  An illegal, Unconstitutional Law is reinstated by an illegal, Unconstitutional Court.  There is no room for a secret court in a Republic.  Not that we are a Republic since last week’s coup d’é·tat by the Supreme Ruling Council of Nine.

Corrupt, Incompetent Baltimore Prosecutrix given glamor spread in Vogue

marilyn-mosby-6On the SCOTUS shortlist of ¡Jeb!’s I’m sure…

The chief prosecutor in the Freddie Gray case has been slammed for trying to stop lawyers for the six accused police officers from talking to the media – while simultaneously appearing in Vogue.

Marilyn Mosby, the State’s Attorney for Baltimore, is lauded as a ‘heroine and lightning rod’ in a celebrity-style profile for the famous fashion magazine.

The 2,000-word interview by writer Heidi Mitchell is accompanied by photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz, whose recent subjects include Caitlin Jenner, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.

It applauds the glamorous 35-year-old attorney as doing ‘what no lead prosecutor in America had done in many turbulent months: bring swift and severe charges against police officers in the death of a black man’.

We need a Revolution to overthrow the Rule Of Nine.

scotuspic-1The American Republic is to consist of Nine Unelected Lawyers who have Lifetime terms in office and anything a mere 5 of them agree upon CANNOT be overridden by any branch of the government elected by The People.

This is exactly what Madison, Jefferson, and Paine had in mind, right?

The Rule of Nine isn’t our Republic.  It is not our Constitution.  It’s existence is Treason and Rebellion against the Republic.  It must go.  By whatever means necessary.

With only 19 months left to charge it to us, Moochelle Obama intensifies her travel schedule

michelle_obama_carla_scowlUK Daily Mail

What office was she elected to?  Why does she get to travel all over the world at taxpayer expense when she doesn’t have an actual Constitutional office or job?

Globe-trotting Michelle Obama announces MORE foreign trips to promote education abroad after sojourns to Japan, Cambodia and the UK

  • The first lady announced a new program earlier this year to help adolescent girls in third world nations to attend and stay in school
  • She has traveled to Japan, Cambodia and London to promote the initiative and she plans to travel even more following her stint as Fir

How We Win IV: Defiance and Civil Disobedience

scotuspic-1Simply put, the Constitution of the United States is the contract under which the Federal Government is allowed to legitimately operate.  Every Federal employee, from the President to Congress to Nameless Bureacrat #7 to the least senior Private in the military to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court takes an oath in which they swear to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION.

Of course this hasn’t been done in practice for a long time, a process that has been building and building and building to the crescendo of the past week in which a majority on the United States “Supreme” Court have completely and openly REPUDIATED this Oath by:

  1.  Dismissing the whole concept of written, and therefore KNOWN law in order to alter a law from the Bench to achieve the desired outcome.
  2. Seized a new authority over marriage for the Federal Government which is not enumerated in any Article or Amendment of the Constitution.
  3. Declared that the States have no authority to prevent NON CITIZEN and therefore NON ELIGIBLE voters from voting in our Elections by prohibiting even ASKING persons attempting to vote if they are US Citizens or not!  (also violating the First Amendment)

In effect, the Supreme Court is engaging in an ILLEGAL CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, making up it’s own Amendments whole cloth and without Ratification.  These actions are completely ILLEGAL and TREASONOUS!

Such a rogue body as this Supreme Court, by these actions has effectively REPUDIATED ITS OWN LEGITIMACY and therefore forfeited it’s authority.  Every “Justice” participating in affirming the above three rulings has vacated their seat on the Court and are ineligible to participate further.


Even early in our history, the principle of State Nullification has been with us.  Almost from it’s inception the Federal Government has challenged it’s Constitutional shackles, with increasing success over the past two centuries and with frightening success over the last half century.  The earliest example of State defiance were the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798 and 1799.  And so we need something similar today.  Proposed solutions are:

  1. States should cease all cooperation with Obamacare.  Don’t aid it in any way.  Cease any and all funding for it.
  2. Stop issuing ANY marriage licenses whatsoever.  The Supreme Court cannot COMPEL any state to issue them.  It acted completely beyond it’s authority.  Re-direct any and all state promotion of marriage with respect to tax deductions, benefits, etc to women who bear children which would render gay “marriage” moot.
  3. Purge ALL voter rolls.  Require everyone wishing to vote for the 2016 cycle to re-register, requiring the presentation of a State birth certificate or a State issued ID which requires proof of citizenship to obtain in order to re-register to vote.  If the Federal Government tries to interfere, do it “Hillary Style” by putting it all on one server and then destroying the server.  “oops!”

Civil Disobedience

No Citizen of the United States should ever accept being forced by government to perform an act that is not in keeping with one’s own conscious, including acts against our Christian beliefs.  The Government never has and never will have such authority.

A business opportunity?

zerosumFrom The Other McCain

As long as there are blogs like Red State and Hot Air, I guess I don’t see the worry.
Outfits like Salem Media Group might grow to include more services, including conservative social media indexes and Twitter/FaceBook replacements.
Capitalism has taken some hits in recent decades, but there is still a market for media with a shred of moral clarity. I hope.

I don’t see the threat of Apple and Facebook offering news feeds to be much of a threat to alternative media like blogs.  We all have our own following (I think I have 6 as of this week) and one of the things that drive conservatives to sites like Drudge and the blogs is that we don’t trust what the mainstream tries to spoon feed us.  I think these new ventures are more aimed at Drudge (whom the left has been trying to kill since the 90’s) than blogs anyway.

Obama Regime not bailing out Puerto Rico

20131026_LDD001_0Why they won’t is kind of a mystery, this would seem to be something B. HUSSEIN would love to do.  And with pantywaists like Boehner and McConnell in charge of Congress, passing such a bailout would seem to be a foregone conclusion:

The Obama administration is not considering a federal bailout of Puerto Rico to help it emerge from a crippling debt crisis, a White House spokesman said Monday.

“There is no one in the administration or in D.C. federal government that’s contemplating a federal bailout of Puerto Rico,” press secretary Josh Earnest said.

Gun Grabbers ordered to pay legal expenses of online ammo dealer they sued

M1Lucky Gunner, an online seller of ammunition was sued by the Brady Campaign for gun grabbing over the mass shooting in a gun free zone Aurora, CO theater.  Their suit was found to be GROUNDLESS and was thrown out.  Now the judge in the case has ordered The Brady Campaign for gun grabbing to pay Lucky Gunner’s legal expenses:

Judge Matsch disagreed with the Brady Center’s argument. He said the suit was filed for propaganda purposes. “It is apparent that this case was filed to pursue the political purposes of the Brady Center and, given the failure to present any cognizable legal claim, bringing these defendants into the Colorado court where the prosecution of James Holmes was proceeding appears to be more of an opportunity to propagandize the public and stigmatize the defendants than to obtain a court order,” he said in his order. 

Lucky Gunner praised the court’s decision and vowed to do everything in its power to recover the money awarded to it by the ruling. 

“The federal judge on the case ruled it was apparent that this suit was filed to pursue the Brady Center’s ‘political purposes’ and was used as an ‘opportunity to propagandize the public,'” Lucky Gunner spokesman Anthony Welsch said. “Lucky Gunner agrees with the court’s assessment and continues to do all it can to hold the Brady Center accountable for legal fees awarded in the case.” 

Wimbledon be Raciss

screen-shot-2012-07-27-at-8-56-30-pmWarned for excessive profanity on the court:

1:50 p.m.

Serena Williams is a half-hour into Wilmbledon and she’s already getting warned to watch her language.

In the sixth game of her first-round match against Margarita Gasparyan of Russia, a qualifier ranked 113th, Williams slid on the grass and fell during a point. After the next point, a lineswoman trotted over to the chair umpire, who announced: “Code violation, audible obscenity, Miss Williams.”

Williams glared at the lineswoman as she went back over to her position behind the baseline.


ObamaEPA loses at Supreme Court on Global Warming power plant regulations

EPAUnfortunately a lot of power plants have already been shut down that were affected by this regulation and one thing we know about Obama is that he never gives up (in fact he never obeys a court order against him) and he will be back.

The EPA rules in question regulate hazardous air pollutants and mercury from coal- and oil-fired power plants, known as the MATS regulations. The regulations went into effect April 16. The utility industry argues that the rules cost them billions of dollars to comply and that EPA ignored the cost issue in putting the regulations into effect.

Iran negotiator goes home, John F Kerry (who served in Vietnam) grabs his ankle and hangs on for dear life

BHOOf course the surrender negotiations will continue.

At this point, Iran has said there will be no inspections, no slowing down of their centrifuges, and no disclosure of any of their secret military bomb sights.

But they want the sanctions gone immediately and the unfreezing of billions of dollars in assets (which will go to fund their nuclear bomb and terrorists).

If John Kerry gave them a sheet of paper and asked them to fill in whatever deal they want, just sign it they would walk away.  It’s how the Iranians “negotiate”, as Jimmy Carter found out back in 1979-81.

At this point I think they are only negotiating on which American cities get vaporized by Iranian bombs.

Iran wants New York to be first, John F Kerry (who served in Vietnam) is trying to get them to agree to destroy Dallas instead.

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