Pro-Life group STILL Banned from releasing further Planned Butcherhood videos

gosnell-1-cartoonjpeg-b90a9ed99d0543a3Washington Times

– The Washington Times – Updated: 9:18 a.m. on Thursday, July 30, 2015

The pro-life group behind a series of undercover Planned Parenthood videos accused the bioservice firm StemExpress late Wednesday of trying to “cover up this illegal baby parts trade” after the company obtained a court order blocking the release of footage.

The Los Angeles Superior Court issued a temporary injunction Tuesday stopping the Center for Medical Progress from releasing any video showing three officials from StemExpress, a company that transfers fetal tissue from abortions performed at Planned Parenthood and other clinics to medical researchers.

My advice: Defy the order.  it is invalid anyway because the government (including black robed monarchs) has no authority to put prior restraint on free speech.  They cannot stop videos from being released because of this.  This court and this judge do not have the authority they claim.  Send me the videos, I’ll publish them.  No “superior” court judge in California has one iota of authority in Kentucky.

And we need to bring back the tradition of dragging corrupt judges down from their thrones for some tar and feathering.

Spare the tar and feathers, spoil the Republic.

Debris from that damn plane found, CNN back to 24/7 coverage

o-CNN-TOY-PLANE-facebookCNN BREAKING NEWS, something that might be part of a plane washes ashore!!!!!!!!

(CNN)Debris found in the western Indian Ocean on Wednesday appears to be part of a Boeing 777, the same model as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that disappeared in 2014, according to a source close to the investigation.

The source said there is a unique element to the Boeing 777’s flaperon, a wing component, that Boeing observers believe they are seeing in photos.

The debris was found Wednesday off the coast of Reunion Island, a French department in the western Indian Ocean. It is being examined to determine whether it is connected to flight MH370, a member of the French air force in Reunion said Wednesday.

Hillary! poll numbers to go up: She’s been cuckolded by Billy Jeff again

1Of course this is old news, there have been reports about “The Energizer” before.

From CBS

“He has a blonde, busty mistress, and she’s been code named Energizer by agents. This is unofficially, but that is what they call her…She comes in to the Chappaqua [NY] home whenever Hillary leaves. The details coordinate to make sure they don’t cross paths. She, unlike Hillary, is very nice to the agents. She’ll bring cookies.”

Kessler also contends the Clinton’s relationship is only based on their desire to return to the White House in 2016.

“Agents say that it’s a business relationship. It’s not a marriage at all. It’s a total fake, like everything else about Hillary. It’s just a big show and a scam.”

As I said, this has come out before.  Why is this news again?  Bill having affairs on her is the most reliable upward driver of Hillary poll numbers, that’s why.

Federal Judge threatens to hold “Snakeskin” Koskinen, IRS in Contempt for failure to producer Lerner e-mails

lois-and-super-obamaWow..  Don’t step on a Black Robed Monarch’s crank.

From Judicial Watch:

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced that U.S District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan today threatened to hold the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and Justice Department attorneys in contempt of court after the IRS failed to produce status reports and newly recovered emails of Lois Lerner, former director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the IRS, as he had ordered on July 1, 2015.

During the a status hearing today, Sullivan warned that the failure to follow his order was serious and the IRS and Justice Department’s excuses for not following his July 1 order were “indefensible, ridiculous, and absurd.”  He asked the IRS’ Justice Department lawyer Geoffrey Klimas, “Why didn’t the IRS comply” with his court order and “why shouldn’t the Court hold the Commissioner of the IRS in contempt.”  Judge Sullivan referenced his contempt findings against Justice Department prosecutors in the prosecution of late Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) and reminded the Justice Department attorney he had the ability to detain him for contempt.  Warning he would tolerate no further disregard of his orders, Judge Sullivan said, “I will haul into court the IRS Commissioner to hold him personally into contempt.”

After the hearing, Judge Sullivan issued the following “minute order”:

At the July 29, 2015 status hearing, the Government agreed that the Court’s July 1, 2015 oral order from the bench was clear and enforceable.  Nonetheless, the Government reasoned it inappropriate to file a motion for reconsideration until a written order was issued.  As expressed at the hearing, the Government’s reasoning is nonsensical.  Officers of the Court who fail to comply with Court orders will be held in contempt.  Also, in the event of non-compliance with future Court orders, the Commissioner of the IRS and others shall be directed to show cause as to why they should not be held in contempt of Court.  The Court’s July 1, 2015 ruling from the bench stands: (1) the Government shall produce relevant documents every Monday; (2) the Government’s document production shall be accompanied by a status report that indicates (a) whether TIGTA has turned over any new documents to the IRS, (b) if so, the number of documents, and (c) a timeframe for the IRSs production of those documents. Signed by Judge Emmet G. Sullivan on July 29, 2015.

So what happens if they do find them in contempt, but Loretta Lynch refuses to do anything?  We might just find out…

Up next in this Brave, Brave New World: Gaystapo suits against Churches that sponsor Boy Scout Troops that refuse to allow grown gay men to take young boys camping

boyscouts-of-americaWashington Post

If the Boy Scouts of America approve gay adult leaders, as they are expected to do late Monday (July 27), does that mean troops based at churches may end up in court if they ban gay Scoutmasters?

Scout officials predicted that would be “unlikely” in a document they released earlier this month to BSA members and leaders.

“We live in a litigious society, and frivolous lawsuits are threatened and filed every day,” reads the 14-page memo from the Boys Scouts’ law firm, Hughes Hubbard & Reed. “However, any lawsuit challenging the religious requirements in a Scouting unit chartered by a religious organization would be unlikely to succeed or even make much progress.”

There is no question this is going to happen somewhere.  And that the Chruch in question will be punished by a Federal Judge as if they themselves had brought destruction upon Sodom and Gomorrah because of one butthurt gay would-be scout “leader”.

But the actual consequence of the decision of the morally bankrupt leadership of the BSA will be the END of the Boy Scouts as an organization.  Most of them are sponsored by Churches anyway these days.  Which suits the Gaystapo just fine, as long as they get to molest some converts before it all goes down.

Would you let a heterosexual man take your teenage daughters camping?  Do you think that you are wrong for objecting to that?  Then you are no more wrong not wanting your boys to be taken camping by a homosexual weirdo.

Another dead Citizen, another Illegal Alien Murderer

VillaUncleSamBerrymanCartoonWhen will we learn? We won’t.  Not until a son, daughter, wife, husband, mother, father, of a Senator or a President fall victim to this never ending TRAIN OF SCUM that is flowing north into the United States from Mexico.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT, IF THIS HAS TO HAPPEN THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE I WANT IT TO HAPPEN TO!  Damn you, Senate.  Damn, you, Obama.  Damn you, “Republican” supporters of Amnesty.

Trump ¡beating! ¡Jeb! in ¡Florida!

trump2-e1437756375114From SPB

So ¡Jeb! isn’t that ¡popular! in his ¡home! ¡State!

For the first time this year, Donald Trump tops a state poll of GOP presidential candidates in Florida.

A St. Pete Polls survey released on Wednesday shows the New York businessman with 26 percent support, with Jeb Bush in second place with 20 percent.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is in third place with 12 percent, and Marco Rubio is in fourth place with 10 percent. He’s followed by Dr. Ben Carson at 5 percent, Ted Cruz and John Kasich at 4 percent, and Rand Paul at 3 percent. 16 percent are unsure or are supporting another candidate not named in the survey.


Star Trek Impulse Drive invented?

Consr_slide1UK Telegraph

A propulsion system, similar in description to the sublight “Impulse Drive” used in Star Trek has been demonstrated.  But violates one of the laws of motion because it doesn’t create thrust…

The EM Drive was developed by the British inventor Roger Shawyer nearly 15 years ago but was ridiculed at the time as being scientifically impossible.

It produces thrust by using solar power to generate multiple microwaves that move back and forth in an enclosed chamber. This means that until something fails or wears down, theoretically the engine could keep running forever without the need for rocket fuel.

The drive, which has been likened to Star Trek’s Impulse Drive, has left scientists scratching their heads because it defies one of the fundamental concepts of physics – the conservation of momentum – which states that if something is propelled forward, something must be pushed in the opposite direction. So the forces inside the chamber should cancel each other out.

If this works, travel to The Moon would be possible in just 4 hours, with similar implications to interplanetary travel and exploration within the Solar System.  Could be our next trip to Pluto won’t take 9 years.

When they Speak in Spanish, it means bad things for those who Speak English


Of course you knew this would be our good friend ¡Jeb Bush! I was speaking of.

¡Bush! went on Telemundo, speaking in Spanish (which he used to woo his ¡illegal? Mexican wife no doubt) to double down on his plans for Illegal Alien Amnesty.  Because this nation needs more Francisco Sanchez and less Kate Steinle.

Washington (CNN)Jeb Bush told Telemundo he wants a pathway to legal status for all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

The former Florida governor granted his first Spanish-language interview as a presidential candidate to Telemundo Monday evening.

In the interview, he talked about his immigration policies, his thoughts on Donald Trump and Cuba, and his home life and family.

“First, coming here legally has to be easier than coming here illegally,” he said. “So there needs to be an agreement with the border … for the 11 million people (who are here illegally), they must come out of the shadows, receive a work visa, start paying taxes and also pay a small fine, learn English, don’t receive government benefits, but they come out of the shadows and they receive legal status after some time.”

Mitch McConnell (D-KY) fast tracks sham bill to de-fund Planned Parenthood

missingThe Hill

This is just another symbolic vote to boost RINO ACU ratings (like the sham votes to repeal Obamacare) So that when they backstab us every time they could ACTUALLY de-fund Planned Parenthood or Obamacare (say when they are doing the actual BUDGET) they can look at the voter and say, “I’m a conservative”.  Yeah, right.  This Senate is every bit as bad as the Reid Senate, and it is a majority that is going to be short lived.  I mean, I just can’t WAIT to go out there and vote Republican in 2016, can you?  No.


IRS used instant messaging service to hide internal communications

simple-message-lois-lernerAmericans for Tax Reform

The IRS used a “wholly separate” instant messaging system that automatically deleted office communications, according to documentation released by the House Oversight Committee on Monday. The system appears to have been purposefully used by agency officials responsible for the targeting of conservative non-profits, in order to evade public scrutiny.

The system, known as “Office Communication Server” or OCS was used by IRS officials, including many in the Exempt Organizations (EO) Unit, which was headed by Lois Lerner.

As the Oversight Committee report states, the instant messaging system did not archive any communications, so it is not possible to know what employees of the EO unit discussed on it.

Brazen.  And quite illegal.  But I guarantee that the people behind the sting videos of Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts for sale program are far more likely to see jail than ANYONE from the IRS, not Lois Lerner, or the current snake eyed scaled commissioner Koskinen.

Obama listens to no one: “I haven’t heard a good argument against my awesome, awesome nuclear weapons for Iran deal”

BHOFrom Reuters:

U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday said he was yet to hear a strong factual argument against a nuclear deal with Iran and criticized rhetoric about the agreement from some leading members of the Republican party.

Obama, speaking in Ethiopia during a tour of African nations, said the majority of the world’s nuclear scientists and non-proliferation experts backed the July 14 accord, indicating it was the best way to stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.

“There is a reason why 99 percent of the world thinks it’s a good deal — it’s because it’s a good deal,” Obama said during a joint press conference with Ethiopian prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn in the capital Addis Ababa.

“The good news is that I’ve not yet heard a factual argument on other side that holds up to scrutiny,” he added.


His ignorance is breathtaking.  NO ONE (except the Iranian mullahs) think this is a good deal.  Obama got nothing, Iran gets to keep developing nuclear weapons AND THEY NOW HAVE MORE MONEY THAN ISRAEL HAS RECEIVED SINCE 1948 TO DEVELOP THEM!

New Yorkers: sucks to be you guys.  Sucks to be you.

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