Texas passes Open Carry Law, heads off for Governor Abbot’s signature

e893aa6119999291757ea473ea70e0baThe Texas State Legislature has finally passed a bill repealing the State’s restriction on the open carry of firearms.

This is still inadequate because only concealed carry permit holders will be able to carry openly.  My state, Kentucky, along with many others permit open carry WITHOUT a permit.  As you probably know from my commentary, I do not and will not “beg” government for permission to exercise my Natural Rights. Accepting the premise that I need a permit for the 2nd Amendment leads down the path of needing a permit to exercise my 1st Amendment rights.

Hyperpolitical Obama accuses those blocking the “USA Freedom Act” of playing politics


“Hi, everybody. As President and Commander in Chief, my greatest responsibility is the safety of the American people. And in our fight against terrorists, we need to use every effective tool at our disposal — both to defend our security and to protect the freedoms and civil liberties enshrined in our Constitution.

But tomorrow — Sunday, at midnight — some important tools we use against terrorists will expire. That’s because Congress has not renewed them, and because legislation that would — the USA Freedom Act — is stuck in the Senate. I want to be very clear about what this means.

The name “USA Freedom Act” us just as cynical as the name “USA Patriot Act”.  The “USA Freedom Act” re-authorizes NSA surveillance and secret courts  with the superficial change of requiring the telecom companies hold the information and then release it to the NSA when they want it.  This isn’t any kind of reform.

PATRIOT Act dies in 1.5 days

thMitch McConnell and John Boehner now have only a day and a half left to betray the American People as well as the Constitution of the United States and re-authorize the horribly misnamed USA “PATRIOT” Act, which includes a Treasonous Usurpation of the 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights.  We know this betrayal is GOING to happen.  It’s only a question of how.  As I’ve been saying, the lesson learned from the 2014 Republican Landslide and this new Congress is that OUR PROBLEMS WILL NOT BE SOLVED BY ELECTIONS.  Both parties are pro illegal immigration, pro big spending big government.  Change in The Capitol will have to be imposed ON IT, it won’t happen from within it.

Shyster who bilked Social Security out of millions in fees sued in West Virginia

6037290770_710da7d205_zEric C. Conn.  Best name for a shyster lawyer ever.

If you read the story I posted yesterday, over 900 of his “clients” have had their Social Security “Disability” suspended by the Federal Government.  Now he’s being sued by some of them:

A Mingo County lawsuit may be just the first salvo in a legal battle targeting the Social Security Administration and Kentucky attorney Eric C. Conn, the very lawyer credited with winning years of disability benefits for those now caught in the middle of a sweeping fraud investigation.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Ricky Haney, of Williamson, West Virginia, who is among more than 900 people notified last week that their benefits have been suspended.


NSA won’t delete illegally obtained phone records database if PATRIOT Act expires

thWhat big ears you have!

The National Security Agency will mothball its mammoth archive of Americans’ telephone records, isolating the computer servers where they are stored and blocking investigators’ access, but will not destroy the database if its legal authority to collect the material expires on schedule this Sunday, officials said Thursday.

Sounds to me like a certain data center needs to have a rather large fire.   If they don’t have the authority to collect that information (and they never did, the 4th Amendment CANNOT be circumvented no matter what fantasy the government wants to invent) they also have no authority to KEEP IT.

Matt Bevin still Republican nominee for Kentucky Governor after election re-canvass

ap_ap-photo1267-640x48083 vote margin holds after canvass completed:

FRANKFORT A statewide re-canvass of votes in the May 19 Republican primary produced no change in the number of votes for Matt Bevin or James Comer, who finished 83 votes behind Bevin.

But there’s still a possibility the re-canvass won’t be the final act in Bevin’s dramatic win over Comer, Hal Heiner and Will T. Scott. A candidate may still seek a recount in Franklin Circuit Court, but the deadline to do so is Friday.


They never stop pushing for more: Fatass First Lady using her “elected” power to ban S’mores

liberal-hypocrite-michelle-obama-michelle-obama-liberals-dem-political-poster-1294358428She didn’t get that giant ass eating tofurkey and rice cakes you know.

Never content to stop meddling in our everyday lives (because we are too stupid to SURVIVE without their wisdom) Moochelle Obama, unelected (and unqualified) Dietician of the United States has had the USDA demand that Hershey bars and marshmallows be eliminated from the s’more:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – That piece of chocolate bar and marshmallow – key ingredients in the s’more – are just too unhealthy for Michelle Obama’s food police at the USDA and they want you to eliminate them.

The government has now reinvented the s’more and they’re urging us all to change our ways.

Thank goodness the Feds have ISIS on the run and can now focus on more important things. Like all those portly campers getting tubbier because they haven’t sampled the bureaucrats’ latest creation.

Caesar Obama: There is Nothing Secret about Secret Pacific Trade Deal

thReally? Can we go to a website and read it?  Can we talk to our Congressman about it’s specifics?  Can our Congressman go read it then tell us what’s in it without being PROSECUTED?

The answer, of course to all those questions is NO.  Therefore IT IS A SECRET TRADE DEAL!  Don’t insult our intelligence, Barry, not all of us are the morons who VOTED FOR YOU!

Give us the document so we can read it.  And while you’re at it, we want a look at those TRANSCRIPTS too.

Massive Los Angeles fire a Jihad Attack?

15.4_IslamologicBoy the PATRIOT Act sure works at stopping terrorism…  BTW it is now down to less than 3 days to live.


The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has arrested a suspect, Dawud Abdulwali, 56, on arson charges connected with the massive downtown fire last December that consumed the Da Vinci apartment complex. The Los Angeles Times reports that Abdulwali was arrested Tuesday morning during a traffic stop, and after a lengthy investigation.

Obama wishes he could do this

Flag_of_the_Soviet_Union.svgBut does he need to?  There is no “opposition leader” in the Congress.  Not one that is in leadership of either so-called “competing” political parties that is.

The current opposition leader in Russia has been hospitalized with a “mysterious illness”.  His predecessor had been outright assassinated.  If you cross Putin, you die.  If you mention his mistress (pictured below) who recently had a child of his your newspaper gets seized by the Kremlin. gphoto_a72b1d0c1b

Yeah, Obama wishes he were President of Russia.

All except the mistress part, Bathouse Barry prefers to rump ranger.

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