Sorry for the lack of posts today

Constantine_PalaiologosI had an unexpected trip happen.  It’s the life of an IT guy, we had an emergency at a remote site that required me to make a 700 mile round trip by car in a day and a half (have I mentioned I WILL NOT FLY COMMERCIAL because I WILL NOT be molested by the TSA again?).

I should be back to a regular schedule tomorrow.  And I am still seeking Co-bloggers from the Hot Air Commentariant so that there will be more content available.  I am in this project for the long haul.  So if what I write pisses you off, you are out of luck.

As for today’s news, all I can say is I spent most of the day listening to constant coverage of the plane crash in France while I was working.  All I can say is my gut tells me to not rule out terrorism.  That particular plane has a good safety record and Germans are nothing if not meticulous about their machines.

More later.  If you will excuse me I need to get some rest.  6AM comes early.