Who do we believe? Obama or the Iranians?

obama-chamberlainIran: Obama lying about nuke “agreement”

Much as I hate to say it, I probably have to believe the Iranians here.  They have no reason to lie, after all, they’ve been open that they want “DEATH TO AMERICA!” and that Israel’s destruction is “non negotiable”.  Obama on the other hand, has lied to the American People for the last 7 years.  So Iran claims they HAVEN’T agreed to stay “one year away” from a nuclear bomb for 10 years (as Obama did).  Given New York City’s manic support for the Magic Mulatto and hyper intolerance for “intolerance” (unless you are muslim then objection to your intolerance is intolerance)  it’s inevitable end as a result of Iran’s nuclear weapons program is almost ironic.  GOOD people of New York City, LEAVE NOW! Wicked leftists of New York City, no need to run, Obama is protecting you!